Mixers and Thickeners

Mixers and Thickeners


Mixing coagulant and chemicals with water can be done with AES mixers and flocculators.

All of the propulsion groups, motor, reducer and the overall project has a strong structure and long life. Mixer and flocculators can be produced from coated (rubber, teflon, rilsan etc..) carbon steel or dyed carbon steel, galvanized carbon steel or stainless steel material. All these elections, can be carried out by AES according to the process.


AES produces two types of mixer.
a) Inline mixers (static mixer)
b) Paddle type mixers

Fixed paddle type mixers are widely used equipments in thinning and mixing processes.

The most appropriate sizing of equipments that are consisted of motor, reducer and shaft is also done by AES according to the process with long-lasting.

Inline mixers or equipments that referred as static mixer are used for thinning of liquid or gaseous phases and mixing processes.

Mixers essentially consist of the following sections:

1. Motor

2. Reduction

3. Coupling

4. Shaft 

5. Fan


Sludge thickening systems are used to make the sludge that is created in your facility more concentrated and therefore dealing with less sludge. End of the condensation, concentration of solid can be increase approximately 25 times more. Condensation process can be performed by flotation and sedimentation methods. After condensation, sludge dewatering cost reduces with decreasing volume of the sludge. Important parameters of designing of sludge thickener are like that: The type of the sludge, Concentration and stability of sludge to be condensated, Need for chemical treatment, Pumping of concentrated sludge, The initial investment and operating costs, Whether discrete or continuous system. For condensation, precipitation with weight gives especiallu good results. Chemical coagulants can be added to accelerate the precipition.